Tell-it-like-it-is Bobbie is a popular speaker and panel participant on a number of subjects related to public relations, marketing and social media as well as numerous topics related to entrepreneurship and innovation.  Here are just a few of the presentations she gives:

Boston’s Innovation Community: How to Build Your Innovation Community

Boston and Cambridge have an embarrassment of riches in you are an entrepreneur – incubators, accelerators, seminars, meetups, Open Coffee, mentors, VCs and angels.  How did this happen? How can you build something similar in your town/city/region?

Startup Marketing

Launching a new product isn’t easy – let us walk you through lessons learned with more than 500 product launches.

Marketing for Entrepreneurs

Most PR and Marketing agencies won’t (can’t afford really) to get out of bed on your behalf for under $10K/month.  But you’re a startup!  You can’t afford that!  Thinking about hiring someone but all you can afford is a marketing intern (unpaid)?    What’s an entrepreneur to do?  Do it yourself?  You’ve got a company to build — that’s not realistic.  Find out what your options are.

Social Media Marketing: New Product Launches

Bobbie is the founder of Mass Innovation Nights, a monthly product launch party and networking event that has helped launch more than 500 new products by leveraging social media.  Learn how she did it and how you can leverage social media to help market your company and launch your new products.

Win-Win Marketing

Tired of trying to SELL your product?  Tired of begging people to use your services?  What happens when everyone gets what they want?  Find out.

Bloggers: Finding your audience
You’ve heard the stories — thousands of readers stumble upon a blog and become loyal readers.  The blog that became a best-selling book.  Then there’s the business blog that converts readers into customers.  But you’ve been faithfully blogging and it seems like no one is reading except your mom and your neighbor.  Bobbie will talk about the basics of positioning your blog, setting realistic blogging goals (what do you want your blog to do for you), and how to find your audience.

Crisis Communications
Lessons from some of the weirdest crisis communications case studies ever.  Naked people at the holiday party.  Witches putting a hex on your company.  Y2K.  Missing water.  A computer virus.  An extortionist.  A murder.  What really happens when the truly unexpected happens and you’re in charge of PR?

Twitter for Business

That’s right.  No one really cares what you had for lunch but they might care about the product or service you offer.  How you can use Twitter to support your business objectives.

LinkedIn Marketing for Your Business

LinkedIn is far more than just a social media tool for job seekers, it’s one of the most important tools for growing your business.  How you can set up LinkedIn for success, manage your company pages and set up company policies that protect you.