Innovation that Matters – 2016

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Preface: I’ve been living and working in the Boston region for 30 years now.  A native upstate New Yorker, I’ve now spent far more time in Boston than in the place I think of as my hometown.  Even though I spent the first decade renting, and hopping around the region, I have now lived in my home here longer than the house I grew up in.

Recently, our partners from Washington, 1776 (we worked with them on the Boston Challenge Cup), sent me a copy of their Innovation that Matters report. The Innovation That Matters report “examines and ranks 25 cities’ readiness to capitalize on the inevitable shift to a digital economy. It carves out critical trends every U.S. city leader can learn from and offers recommendations local leaders can adopt to strengthen their region’s digital competitiveness.” Read more

Industry Analysts: Analyst Relations

August 23rd, 2015   •  by Bobbie  •   Comments Off on Industry Analysts: Analyst Relations   

While doing some research on Quora recently, I noticed a question from someone wondering about a tech startup looking to hire someone to do “analyst relations.”  Since the firm was a long way from having to brief financial analysts — the only type of analysts the asker was familiar with – they were understandably confused.  I left this answer: Read more

How to Inspire Life Long Fans

August 16th, 2015   •  by Bobbie  •   Comments Off on How to Inspire Life Long Fans   

Bit of a personal story: the younger son is a pickier eater than his elder sib. The Tall One will eat anything and is infamous for things like, at age four, trying to talk his grandmother into trying sushi.  Into her trying sushi, not the other way around. Read more

Why Dennis Keohane Joining Pando is So Exciting… for me

March 17th, 2015   •  by Bobbie  •   Comments Off on Why Dennis Keohane Joining Pando is So Exciting… for me   

I first met Dennis Keohane when he was writing for VentureFizz.  A veritable one-man show, he was turning out great feature local tech and startup feature stories for our friend, Keith Cline, and helping to turn VentureFizz into much more than a nice local calendar and job board.  Then he moved on to the Globe and Beta Boston, and continued to turn out great stories about local companies.  Now it’s been announced that as of the end of the month, Dennis will be joining PandoDaily, the Silicon Valley “blog” started by Sarah Lacy after she left TechCrunch in the wake of the AOL acquisition. Read more

How to get more speaking opportunities

February 8th, 2015   •  by Bobbie  •   Comments Off on How to get more speaking opportunities   

As someone who not only runs events, but speaks at events regularly, let me share some of the secrets of garnering speaking engagements. Read more

Confessions of an Innovation Faker

November 9th, 2014   •  by Bobbie  •   No Comments   

Picture this — a great conversation with a new client.  Wonderful meeting of the minds. They think you’re so “innovative” and “creative.”  Cough.  Not really.  You’re faking it. Read more

Naked Christmas

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Naked Christmas (Story told to the best of my recollection in honor of Eric Lundquist.)

It was 1996 and I was pregnant.  Too pregnant to fly to the annual company holiday party. (We kept trying to call it “holiday” party but it kept coming out “Chris-holiday”.)  The morning after, bright and early, I was in the office and my phone rang.  Eric Lundquist from PC Week (eWeek was still PC Week then) was on the line.  Read more

NASA Social Media: Crowdpromoting in Space

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ISS-RapidScat will be delivered to the station on the SpaceX-4 commercial cargo resupply flight. Photo credit: NASA/Daniel Casper

Over Labor Day Weekend I received the exciting news that I now possess (temporary) NASA social media credentials and will be going to the Kennedy Space Center in Florida later this month to attend the media events and launch of the SpaceX-4 cargo resupply flight to the International Space Station.  Read more

What Should I Tweet?

August 20th, 2014   •  by Bobbie  •   No Comments   

This morning I was part of a panel on using Twitter for business.  I always love being a part of these panels because I get to hear people’s problems, concerns and pain points.  (And I always get to learn something from the other folks on the panel.) The Merrimack Valley Sandbox crew always runs a good show and this morning was no exception.  Right off the bat, our esteemed moderator asked the audience for their questions.  Several came down to the same point:  What should I tweet? Read more

Potato Salad and Crowdfunding Virality

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Kickstarter did a great post on the Potato Salad project, examining how a rather unambitious project goes viral and rakes in more than $55,000.  (And if you don’t know what I am talking about when I say “Potato Salad”, what deep dark dank hole have you been crouching in for the past month?  Here, take my hand and let me pull you up.)

The post examined how an Internet sensation gets started. Read more