Marketing Services

Carlton PR & Marketing works with clients in three different ways:

  • Full service strategy, planning and implementation (traditional agency model)
  • Outsourced marketing – onsite or offsite (in-house/interim or PT staff replacement)
  • Coaching and guidance – an ongoing relationship designed to move an internal team from milestone to milestone along an agreed-upon timeline

Here are some of the types of marketing we do:

  • Social Media marketing – Blogs, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube,  etc.  What are the secrets of the social media marketing experts?
  • Conferences, webinars and seminars — What events can do for your business.
  • Contests, sweepstakes, downloads and surveys — Giveaways that get results.
  • Google Adwords, AdSense, pop-ups and pop-unders — PPC that makes “cents.”
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM) — We help clients understand online behavior so their overall marketing efforts are more effective.
  • Marketing results assessments – Google Analytics, or other Web-based tools?  CRMs and other sales toolslike Salesforce?  How about external measurements of your marketing programs results — Compete, Quantcast, Alexa ranks, Google Trends, Hitwise, Technorati, Digg.  What does it all mean? What’s in? What’s out?
  • Email marketing, surveys, studies — an introduction, or an expert’s tricks.
  • Strategic alliances – How well do you play with others?  How can partners help your marketing efforts? Who are the right partners for you?
  • The “everyone’s busy” marketing outsourcing program — Need the job done now?  Done right and on-time?  Add a professional to your team right now — get the job done while your team is busy with other tasks.